Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Worst Witch - Olivia's Bookreview

I have read a book called The Worst Witch written by Jill Murphy. It is the first book in the series about the witch Mildred Hubble. The book has got 106 pages and several pictures. 
Mildred goes to a school called Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. The school lies at the top of a high mountain and looks like a prison. There, Mildred gets into trouble every day. There is someone that she doesn't like, Ethel. She is always right on the spells and Mildred is wrong every time. One day Mildred turns Ethel into a pet but something goes wrong.

I liked the book because I liked the witches, the story was very good and I can't wait until I am going to read the next book. If you like Harry Potter you are going to like this book too. From 6 to 13 i think you can be interested in these books.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Karlson Flies Again

Karlson Flies Again

        Smidge find karlson on the roof above him and karlson always meet the Smidge. 
Karlson are a little fat man who has a propeller on his back and he can flies.
                    Smidge lives in a ordinary house on a ordinary street in Stockholm, smidge´s  mum and dad don't want to belive that karlson exists. 

Author : Astrid Lindgren

I recommend this book to boys and girls who likes fantasy stories.

By: Beatrice Bergström  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lola Rose

The book is about a teenager in England, Jayni, and her family. Jayni is an insecure girl with a complicated life. Her father is an alcoholic and easily become angry. He beat Jaynis mom and they have a tough time at home. A day lost her mother, Nikki, the lottery and Jayni and the mother decides not to tell anything to her dad, Jay. Anyway  Jaynis mom tells about money for Jay. They go out to celebrate and eat at a restaurant and both parents drink lots. It ends with Nikki and Jay becomes full. When they get home they start arguing and when Jayni trying to get them to stop hitting her and Jay leaves the house. Nikki decides that it's time to escape, which she does with Jayni and Jaynis little brother Kenny.Jaynis new name is Lola Rose.Kennys new name is Kendall and Ther mom Nikkis new name is paula.

Find their father Lola Rose,Kendall and paula.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I read a book called Zombies and Tommy Donbavand wrote the book. It was about a boy and his little sister. They where at the graveyard visiting their dead grandpa´s grave, when they suddenly heard a noise. Thats how they met Jake, a zombie who´s been dead for 60 years. All the zombies were going to have a party and they send Jake to fix some snacks and drinks.
So the children helped Jake with the snacks and the drinks.

I read the book out loud to my brother Anders and we think that it was good. Anders thinks that the best thing in the book is that the zombies likes lemonade and gives the book 4/5 goldstars. I think that the best thing about the book is that it is a happy suprise in the end and I also give the book 4/5 goldstars.

I would recommend this book for people who likes books that´s a bit scarry and funny but has a happy end.


Asterix and The Great Crossing-by Gossiny and Uderzo

Asterix and The Great Crossing is about the chiefs shield-bearers has eiting fish from Unhegienix. The shield-bearers has become ill so the chief most do the shield-bearers job. The chief is nagging on Unhegienix,    
Unhegienix said if they want to have frech fish they most wait to that comes more fish. When Unhegienix said that so in the same time it is someone ho sais no, that is Getafix. He need to have frech fish in the magic potion which gives superhuman strength, Getafix have only a little bit magic potion so he need to do more on forthwith. Asterix and Obelix said that they can go and fish in the sea. Asterix and Obelix take a boat, a net and then they go out and fish in the storm. Asterix said to Obelix:
- Throw the net.
Obelix throw the net but he is not fix the net in the boat so the net is away. In the desired thet are a new storm and that storm is broke the boat. In the water they find a tree so they floated with it. Then they come to land but they don´t know were they was. They have come to a land with romans(they thought that but that is indians). The take a net and then they take a new boat and fish on the way home.

The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I recommend this book for everyone beacuse I like the book!!

Max pyp5b
English Book Review

Elizabite by H. A. Rey

               Main characteris: Elizabitea carnivore plant                                           Characters: Doctor Whigt, Professor Appleface, a dog named Scotty, Mary and a burglar.

The story is about a carnivore plant named Elizabite. In the beginning a botanist named Doctor White. He wants to take Elizabite home, but then he tries to take her Elizabite bites Whites finger. After that he tries to take her with a Butterfly net and he takes her home. I’m not telling more because if I do it it`s not fun to read the book.
I like the book because i think carnivorous plant is intresting and cool.

I recommend it to you if you are not so good at reading English because the book is thin.
By: Isak

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Faye: Rent - a - genius

Rent - a - genius

By: Gillian Cross

Sophy is a smart and genius girl. She thinks that people could use her advice. For 50 pence she will solve any kind of problem. From red spots on your face to really dirty work.

What do you think you can do to get rid of red spots on your face? Sophy has an idea!

Rent - a - genius is a educational and exciting story.
I recommend it for kids between 8 and 10 years old who like clever stories. I don't recommend this book to kids who don't like stories without really funny plots.
I liked this book because it was exciting. One thing i did not like about this book was that it was not so funny.